The Shadow 1994 ★★★★★

Where has this film been all my life? It takes so many things I love and cram it into one of the coolest, awesomely badass films I've ever seen!

Alec Baldwin proves why he is such an awesome actor. Not only does he give an excellent performance, but he provides so much depth and even fear for his character. He's got the maniacal laugh down perfectly. John Lone makes a really good villain. Unlike most villains in superhero movies, this one actually feels like a true threat to the hero. You also get terrific performances from an impressively stellar cast that includes Penelope Ann Miller, Peter Boyle, Ian McKellan, and Tim Curry. The visual effects look amazing. The story is really well done and even better executed. Awesome action. Great direction.
I really dug this film. I loved it from the very beginning and wanted even more in the end. I would rank this along side The Rocketeer as two of the best, most underrated superhero films.

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