The Sword in the Stone 1963 ★★★½

*Part of Disney Project*

I used to love this as a kid. Used to be one of my favorite Disney films. If not, then my favorite. While I don't quite as love it as I used to, I still really like it.

While it's not as engaging for older audiences as it is for older audiences as it is for younger ones and the animation isn't nearly as impressive as Disney's previous films, it draws you in mainly for it's characters and imagination. The characters are likable and entertaining, especially Merlin and Archimedes. The animation, while not very impressive, is stirring with creativity throughout especially during the battle between Merlin and Mimm where they transform into various creatures, which is the highlight of the film. It's also really funny and charming throughout. Overall, this isn't as great as I remember, but it's still fun to watch mostly thanks to it's creativity.

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