Tombstone 1993 ★★★★★

Imagine if Jack Sparrow was in a western.

That's Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday in Tombstone.

It's even more awesome than how it sounds.


  • Interesting comparison, and accurate.

  • Hey, I'm just curious, how do you get the chance to watch so many films, and write so many detailed and great reviews?

  • Well, usually it's kinda a routine of mine. I wake up. Might watch something before I go out. Dick around with my friends. Come home. Watch a few films. Log the ones I saw that day and if I think of something to say about a film I have'nt seen recently but remember fondly (like this one) I review it. That's an average day for me these days.

    As for writing such detailed and great reviews, I don't mean to brag...but I'm a clever ninja. Don't tell anyone. Wait, thousands of people could read this! It's a social network site. Blast! Forget we had this conversation...

  • Oh yeah, thank you! I'm glad you enjoy reading my "detailed and great reviews." Your reviews are pretty damn great too, you clever goose...

  • Just curious to know. :P Thanks! haha. I'm going to pretend like there wasn't any sarcasm and just move on. lol

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