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  • Pituitary Hunter

    Pituitary Hunter 1990

    ★½ Watched 24 Oct, 2016

    2016 ABC Horror Challenge

    P is for Pituitary Hunter

    I wish this one lived up to its title! I mean, there is indeed a pituitary hunter, but it's far less exciting that it sounds. It's essentially a story about the police trying to figure out who the killer is and then nab him, but it's told so strangely and disjointed that it's almost like random scenes thrown together. It honestly took me about 45 minutes to really feel like I…

  • Mystics in Bali

    Mystics in Bali 1981

    ★★ Watched 20 Oct, 2016

    I'm so disappointed. I've heard for years about how this movie is one of the great Asian horror films, only to find it's actually immensely boring. When it's crazy and weird, it's enjoyable, but it's actually fairly tame considering the film's cult legend.

    I did greatly enjoy all of the special FX work, which is well-done and effective for what was assuredly a very low budget. The video-edited FX bits were quite charming, as well, allowing me to imagine it as some kind of off-the-wall public access TV show.

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  • Total Recall

    Total Recall 1990

    ★★★★★ Rewatched 14 Feb, 2015

    Basically the greatest movie ever made. Move over Citizen Kane.

  • Evilspeak

    Evilspeak 1981

    ★★★★ Watched 08 Aug, 2016

    2016 ABC Horror Challenge

    E is for Evilspeak

    Evilspeak dares to ask the big questions we'd all like the answers to. Y'know, stuff like "How do you confront a bully?" "Is there a good excuse for being late to class?" and "What are the keys to the kingdom of Satan's magic?"

    This movie is super fun, a totally '80s romp about Satan, soccer, and a computer ready and willing to help our hero perform a black mass. How can I…