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  • Royal Warriors

    Royal Warriors


    Hong Kong action is the best action.

  • Zombie Nightmare

    Zombie Nightmare


    2016 ABC Horror Challenge

    Z is for Zombie Nightmare

    Not a good movie at all, but I really enjoyed it. I'm a big fan of Jon Mikl Thor because of Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare, so who knows if it would appeal to anyone who doesn't like him. Unfortunately he's only in the first part of the movie! Boo!

    In any case, I really enjoyed the setup of the film, it's more in the execution where it kind of falls apart.…

  • Yongary, Monster from the Deep

    Yongary, Monster from the Deep


    2016 ABC Horror Challenge

    Y is for Yongary: Monster from the Deep

    The horror of Yongary is that the film feels like it will never end. So boring. Thankfully, it picks up some towards the end when Yongary dances to surf music and then upends a concrete freeway overpass like a dinner table.

    I was detached and indifferent through the whole movie, but the last couple of shots of Yongary were incredibly sad. Yongary's dancing endeared him to me enough…

  • The X from Outer Space

    The X from Outer Space


    2016 ABC Horror Challenge

    X is for The X from Outer Space

    More sci-fi than horror, but I suppose it fits perfectly into that Creature Feature mold that is a part of horror. Anyway, I was considering this while watching the kaiju miniature town destruction and the horror of actually having to live through something like that hit me. What would I do? I've always laughed at the people running from Godzilla (or in this case Guilala), but would I…

  • We're Going to Eat You

    We're Going to Eat You


    2016 ABC Horror Challenge

    W is for We're Going to Eat You

    One of the many, wonderful films of Hong Kong to completely defy genre classifications, Tsui Hark's second film is a madcap romp that cannibalizes multiple genres on its journey to entertainment. It has some great fights, but it's not enough of a kung fu movie to really feel like one. It's quite funny, but it doesn't feel as lighthearted as a total comedy would. And there's also horror…

  • Voices from Beyond

    Voices from Beyond


    2016 ABC Horror Challenge

    V is for Voices from Beyond

    I don't think it's possible to argue that this is a great movie, but I did enjoy quite a lot. The English dubbing is awful, but there were some killer lines that made it worth it. Stuff like, "Please, leave me on my own. Your stupid face is putting me off my breakfast." Besides gems like that, the film's mysterious, supernatural vibe really enchanted me. The dream sequences stand out,…

  • Petticoat Planet

    Petticoat Planet


    Half star for a few incredibly hilarious lines. Everything else is just painful to watch. DeCoteau really phoned it in on this one.

  • Blonde Heaven

    Blonde Heaven

    One star for the wonderfully hilarious DeCoteau-isms sprinkled throughout this otherwise painful softcore "movie."

  • The Unseen

    The Unseen


    2016 ABC Horror Challenge

    U is for The Unseen

    Man, I loved this! I'd never even heard of it until I blind bought it after I recently saw and loved Savage Streets, Danny Steinmann's film after this. I think it's probably too odd, and possibly too slow, for a lot of people, but everything clicked for me. I recommend not knowing anything and just enjoying the ride. It's predictable to a certain point, but it's well made and the last…

  • Five Tough Guys

    Five Tough Guys


    There is an abundance of promise in Five Tough Guys. A dense, unique script from the illustrious Ni Kuang deals with the changing times when guns supplanted the years of training and expertise of kung fu masters. A group of excellent actors fill the roles, with superstar Chen Kuan-Tai heading up the cast, Ku Feng as the main antagonist, and Fan Mei-Sheng's best role since The Water Margin. And the fights are choreographed by the experienced and notable pair of…

  • Jackie Chan: My Story

    Jackie Chan: My Story


    Whether you're an old fan or someone just discovering the work of Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan: My Story is a great overview of his career up to the point just before Rush Hour was made. It's pretty "fluffy," but this light tone reflects the jovial spirit of its subject and thus works well to convey the specific charm of Jackie (especially to newcomers). Even though I've seen so many Jackie films, I never feel like I know the real man…

  • Trick or Treats

    Trick or Treats


    2016 ABC Horror Challenge

    T is for Trick or Treats

    Trick or Treats isn't much of a movie; it's more like a series of pranks played on the babysitter by a mean-spirited kid. A few years prior to this, a wife has her husband committed to the mental institution... even though he seems relatively normal in the minute or so we spend with him at the beginning of the movie. So he's trying to get back home to get even,…