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  • Everything Must Go

    Everything Must Go 2010

    ★★★ Watched 06 Feb, 2016


  • Beasts of No Nation

    Beasts of No Nation 2015

    ★★★★ Watched 30 Jan, 2016

    Really enjoyed this film a great deal! Did not realize it was done by Cary Fukunaga. Idris Elba was great. Will def make my Children In Cinematic Trauma list.
    Really great film.

  • Child 44

    Child 44 2015

    ★★★★ Watched 30 Jan, 2016

    A little incoherent at times but I really enjoyed Tom Hardy as usual & any serial killer stuff is always welcome.

  • Chicken Ranch

    Chicken Ranch 1983

    ★★★★★ Watched 27 Jan, 2016

    Definitely one of my first best discoveries of 2016. Shot on 16mm, this film is an AMAZING look into legal brothels and consensual sex work. The women are fabulous and the story is great. It's also funded by Churchill Films, an educational film company, and makes me want to find a print of it reallllllllly bad. SUCH A GREAT film!!!

  • The Brothers McMullen

    The Brothers McMullen 1995

    ★★★ Watched 25 Jan, 2016

    pretty good. not fabulous. definitely a mid-90s film.

  • The Gambler

    The Gambler 2014

    ★★★½ Watched 25 Jan, 2016

    Kinda enjoyed it. Kenneth Michael Williams was great (as usual). The camerawork was awesome & so was the music. Jessica Lange was great too. Lots of good stuff.

  • The Case of the Hillside Stranglers

    The Case of the Hillside Stranglers 1989

    ★★★½ Watched 24 Jan, 2016

    Oh, the days of the TV I miss those days! Billy Zane, Richard Crenna, Dennis Farina- 1989! What a cast!
    So video-shot. But fun nonetheless.
    So very LA. More serial killer madness.

  • Citizen X

    Citizen X 1995

    ★★★★ Watched 24 Jan, 2016

    Love Stephen Rea & Donald Sutherland & serial killer films so this was destined to be a winner. But it's also great because it reveals the technologies, politics and investigatory procedures of Communist Russia over the immense amount of time Chikatilo was killing. GREAT FILM.

  • You Don't Know Jack

    You Don't Know Jack 2010

    ★★★★½ Watched 23 Jan, 2016

    REALLY GOOD. But Barry Levinson is pretty great. Al Pacino was brilliant. Like I've never seen him before. I don't think many people saw this. A small role (compared to The Godfather) since it's a HBO Films thing but he just ROCKS it. I think it's because it's really going back to what he's good at & what he loves the most: theater.
    Great film.

  • Very Bad Things

    Very Bad Things 1998

    ★★★ Watched 23 Jan, 2016

    Wow. That was SUPER dark. Sheesh.

  • The Famous Ferguson Case

    The Famous Ferguson Case 1932

    ★★½ Watched 22 Jan, 2016

    Blondell was great but otherwise...kinda a snoozefest.

  • A Millionaire for Christy

    A Millionaire for Christy 1951

    ★★★★★ Watched 21 Jan, 2016

    What a find!!! Great Warner Bros film starring Fred MacMurray & Eleanor Parker. Looks to be shot in San Diego area & perhaps LA, it's such a lovely and charming film that involves screwball comedy, insanity, radio advertising, wacky romance and travel.
    Just amazing.