J. Edgar 2011 ★★★★

"No one freely shares power in Washington, D.C."

☑ Leonardo DiCaprio
☑ Armie Hammer (Arm and Hammer, anyone?)
☑ Clint Eastwood directing
☑ American history

This is was going to be watched with my undivided attention. No exceptions. J. Edgar obviously is about him founding the FBI, but the question as I started to watch was how will J. Edgar Hoover be portrayed? Sure enough, Hoover is portrayed as a very, very unethical man with some questionable characteristics pertaining to his lifestyle (at the time mind you). Clint Eastwood literally draws out the worst things about Hoover and promotes the ugliest rumors (while proof of such rumors has been taken to the grave with Hoover and his closer companions).

If you are a fan of the acting behemoth known as DiCaprio, that gives you a great reason to watch this. Clint's directing streak has been solid as well. J. Edgar is not to be missed.

- ☠


  • Kinda wondering what it's going to take at this point for DiCaprio to win an Oscar.

  • DiCaprio's like the old Christian Bale with American Psycho. Bale's performance there was astounding and yet, he got no award for it (was he even nominated?). I actually don't even remember J. Edgar being in theaters so could it be due to bad promoting? Or was I living under a rock last year in Nov?

  • I remember there being some buzz before the noms were announced that they thought Leo would be nominated for this but it didn't happen.

  • That's pretty lame. Oh, best actor went to Jean Dujardin (The Artist). figures.

  • Why hasn't Leo won an Oscar? Because he's been playing the same god damn role for 10 years straight. He's looked, sounded, and acted nearly identical in every movie since Gangs of New York. He desperately needs to hop off his one-trick pony and evolve as an actor. He has the ability - he just chooses to do the same thing in every movie. That's not impressive. Do something different.

  • I hope that he does do something different with Django Unchained!

  • It seems like a good opportunity for him to step outside his comfort zone.

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