Wild at Art! The Surrealist World of David Lynch.

David Lynch is an American filmmaker, television director, visual artist, comic book artist, musician and occasional actor. Known for his surrealist films, he has developed his own unique cinematic style, which has been dubbed "Lynchian", and which is characterized by its dream imagery and meticulous sound design. The surreal, and in many cases violent, elements to his films have earned them the reputation that they "disturb, offend or mystify" their audiences.

Listed here are film, TV and Internet projects Lynch has directed, documentaries about Lynch, and films he has acted in (Zelly and Me / Nadja).

There's a few that are missing and will be added to TMDB soon.

The Cowboy and the Frenchman (1988)
The King of Ads (1993)
Eraserhead Stories (2001)
Lady Blue Shanghai (2010)
I Touch a Red Button (2011)
The 3 Rs (2011)


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