28 Days Later... 2002 ★★★

The opening scenes of this film were very familiar, having recently watched the first few episodes of 'The Walking Dead'. I wasn't too fond of the ending, but otherwise it was a pretty solid genre flick.


  • Did you stay until the end of credits to see the alternate ending?

  • I watched it on the flight back from London, so I doubt they would have left the alternate ending on (not that I watched through the credits to find out). I'll have to look it up though... was the alternate ending the original that was quashed, or an extra made just for the hell of it?

  • Y'know I'm not sure. I just heard about it before I saw the film so I stuck around to watch it. It's a very different ending with very different implications (though quite short). It's probably floating around the net somewhere.

  • Sounds like the alternate ending for I Am Legend — puts a different spin on the whole thing.

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