Runaway 2010 ★★★★½

Kanye West plays himself in a short film where he finds love after a phoenix crash lands into his BMW.

Now, I know for a fact that no matter what I say, no one will take Kanye seriously, after the way the media portrays him, never shinning on his superior moments. I'll also admit that a while ago I wasn't a fan and may have even talked shit about him when he was mentioned or on television or what not, but when he came up with a masterpiece album that basically mixed his best methods from the previous two, I was sold.

West may have moments where he says the wrong thing at the wrong time or brings out books that make no sense, but the fact that he stands behind what he says and puts 100% into all of his projects makes me respect him 110%.

This film is beautiful, though it's not just the story that gave me that butterflies in the stomache feeling I love, it was also the music and the visuals. It amazes me that people let public embarassments get in the way of them seeing someone for their true-self. In this case, a man who's had his heart broken.

No one else makes music the same way he does and I know most will think I'm just crazy in love with him. Truth is, I am. Not love-love, but I do love everything he does and I think he will continue being fantastic and telling wonderful stories for as long as he is physically able to.

This review doesn't say much about the film, I know, but I hope it helps people who decide to watch it, see that he has a heart.

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