Star Wars: The Spoofs ½


I was pretty uneasy about watching 90 minutes of Star Wars spoofs, but some of them were actually not that bad.

A Weird Al Yankovich spoof of the Don McLean song 'American Pie' was first up. I hadn't seen this around the time that the Phantom Menace came out, so it was very unfunny to see it for the first time now.

The next spoof was some guy playing Christopher Walken, playing Han Solo. Then some guy playing Richard Dreyfuss, playing C-3PO. Then several other people, playing other people. Very unfunny.

Robot Chicken followed with a sketch that was set two weeks after the Death Star first explodes and the call that Darth Vader has to give Palpatine, resulting in Vader crying. This was actually okay.

How I Met Your Mother came after. This was hardly a spoof. It was more like a reference to A New Hope existing and wasn't funny.

Then Family Guy, who spoof the movies frequently. This time showing Peter playing Jabba the Hutt. This was funny.

That 70's show came after, showing the character Donna wearing an outfit that Leia wears. Not funny.

The Simpsons, another show that spoofs the series frequently, showed parts from the episode that Mark Hammil guested on, where he goes to a science convention and becomes under attack, resulting in Homer becoming a bodyguard. Kinda funny, but I've seen it so many times already.

Buffy followed, in which a character who I assumed was a vampire, was threatening to destroy an original Bobba Fett figurine. Wasn't funny.

A Spike TV commercial followed, this too involving Fett. Not funny. Then the Daily Show, showing Election Wars. Not funny. Then Hot Shots: Part Duex. Still not funny.

As I've now grown bored of listing examples. I'll just list the rest of the spoofs that follow, until something funny comes up, in which case, I'll give a brief review.

Saturday Night Live, Robot Chicken (again), That 70's Show (again), Saturday Night Live (again), Yoda's Tom Tom VO Session, George Lucas on the Colbert Report, Saturday Night Live (...again), Robot Chicken (...again), MTV Movie Awards, 30 Rock, Robot Chicken (...), French & Saunders, Spike TV Commercial (again), Satruday Night Live (...) and The Muppets Show.

The Just Shoot Me episode that guest stars Mark Hammil expressing his hatred towards Star Wars fans, always hasseling him with questions appeared. The scene they showed wasn't the best from the episode, but I always make sure to watch this one whenever it's on. This was funny.

Then they showed a 9 year old explaining Star Wars. This was hilarious! Chad Vader followed. I loved Chad Vader in the beginning. It was still kinda funny.

Then more unfunny stuff... Robot Chicken and a Spike TV Commercial (again). Simon Pegg & Nick Frost's version of Star Wars saved this dull area for a bit. T.R.O.O.P.S. followed, which is funny, but dated.

Robot Chickens sketch about Darth Sideous talking about his plans to Vader and Skywalker whilst construction workers are building the Death Star in the same room. Funny. The discussion about the Death Star in Clerks followed. Also funny.

Then a scene from Blue Harvest appeared. Funny. Unfunny stuff followed: That 70's Show, Daily Show, (a scene I've seen too many times it's just not funny anymore in) Spaceballs, Robot Chicken, Fanboys, A Volkswagon Commercial, Austin Powers, Family Guy, Some Stand-Up, Family Guy, Conan O'Brien, AT-AT Day Afternoon, Target Commercial, Robot Chicken, Toy Story, The Simpsons, Darth Vader Feels Blue, Hip-Hop Yodo, Star Wars Gangsta Rap, Donnie & Marie, Saturday Night Live, That 70's Show, Futurama, According To Jim, LEGA Star Wars, Spike TV Commercial, Saturday Night Live, and Ganoid Gamera.

Towards the end they showed my all time favourite Star Wars spoof, "Darth Vader Being a Jerk". I highly recommend seeing this. Very funny.

The rest of the spoofs (Robot Chicken, Night of the Museum 2 and Darth Vader's Tom Tom VO Session) were not funny.

I feel like I've failed at my whole life after watching this. It was completely unfunny and I wish I could go back in time to when I purchased the 9 disc SW Blu-Ray set, so I can put it back and grab the seperate Blu-Ray trilogies, containing only 6 discs all up. That way I could of avoided seeing this.

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