New Zealand Horror

The kiwi horror film was still in its infancy when Peter Jackson took the reins, re-shaping our film industry in the process. Since then there have been some great (and not-so great) horror films made in my home country.
A short history of NZ horror, told in chronological order:


  • Well that is a little depressing.

  • (Some are great though!)

  • well, I'll be back for the 30 Days Of Night explanation, but good looking out on a couple of flicks I didn't know about and have subsequently queued.

  • All right. There was a question as to how 30 DAYS OF NIGHT found its way onto a list about NZ horror. With a British director, plus American stars and money, it's certainly the least "NZ film" on the list.
    However, it was shot in NZ, it uses NZ cast and crew, the sfx and make-up effects are NZ... hell, even the language the vampires speak was created by an NZ professor of linguistics. If we're looking at New Zealand horror, the country definitely had a large influence on this film, and I personally feel it belongs here (and was part of the reason why I left "films" off the list's title).
    If that's an unsatisfying response though, or you absolutely must have 20 NZ horror films shot in NZ with NZ directors, sub it out and replace it with GRAMPIRE. :-)

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