Jarmusch Ranked: From Best to Worst

The films of Jim Jarmusch, ranked from best to worst.

  • Stranger Than Paradise


  • Down by Law


  • Night on Earth


  • Mystery Train


  • The Limits of Control


  • Broken Flowers


  • Dead Man


  • Coffee and Cigarettes


  • Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai


  • Permanent Vacation



  • Glad to see Permanent Vacation at the bottom. I've not seen a lot of Jarmusch and that kind of put me off rectifying that. Glad to know it only gets better.

  • I actually kinda like Permanent Vacation. I gave it 6/10. But Jarmusch made other films that were a LOT better. I suggest you give some of them a go.

  • I've seen Broken Flowers too, huge fan of that. Also Coffee and Cigarettes, which I didn't much care for at all. Will have to check out your top picks.

  • Sad to say I've only seen Broken Flowers, C&C and Ghost Dog, but the last of those would be the better of the three by an enormous distance for me. Puzzled.

    Have only heard the best of things about Night On Earth and Stranger Than Paradise.

  • I think his earliest films and his last two are his best. His 1995-2003 period I'm not a huge fan of. Stranger than Paradise is one of my top ten favourite films, and Down By Law is also on the list. Night on Earth is fascinating. Try and see some of them.

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