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  • The People Under the Stairs

    The People Under the Stairs

    With a political message that is about as subtle as a lunatic in a gimp suit blasting holes in his house with a shotgun that seemingly never needs to be reloaded. Part reverse "Home Alone" where the kid is breaking in this time, part "Do the Right Thing", part "Carrie", and part "The Hills have Eyes" the people under the stairs is as freakish and strange as its name sake swinging wildly between social commentary, slapstick comedy, black comedy, genuine…

  • Inside Out

    Inside Out

    Is it cheating to just tell a story with personified emotions, just the concept writes the dialogue all by itself

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  • Whiplash



    There are many ways to attain engagement in cinema but by far the most storied and lauded is tension. Hitchcock did it, Kubrick did it, Tarantino does it. This movie distills that to its utter essence. Character arcs are spare and predictable, lighting and color cues are straight forward and intuitive and even the scenes have a tendency to repeat themselves in structure and pacing.

    All that's left is the execution of creating that tension for the audience. And this movie gets it like none other. JK Simmons is a revelation bringing back the crassness of his utterly perfect turn as JJ in Spiderman.

  • Pain & Gain

    Pain & Gain


    ++++ Marky Mark
    ++++ The Rock
    +++ Can you smell what The Rock is cooking
    +++ "This is still a true story"
    - Rebel Wilson
    + "China fucking crap
    + The Russian stripper
    + The Russian stripper's body
    ++ The internal monologues
    +++ Ed Harris
    --- This movie was just one off-color joke away from going into John Waters territory
    -- Fargo kinda did this dance before