Bring back the 90s

This is a list of the films back then that I have watched again and again and again over the years... My own personal top 100 of the decade.


  • That's a fairly varied, well rounded selection of films Keith. My counter indicates I've seen 87% . Many of the 87 films that I have seen were very entertaining films, several of which I've seen a few times.
    I don't rember "The Phantom", "Airheads", "PCU", "Pricilla", "Rapid Fire" and "No Escape", and I am not a big fan of Stephen Seagal! I will check out the ones I missed or don't remember.

  • Agreed, a splendidly varied list! Any list that name-checks Sneakers and Narrow Margin is alright with me.

  • Thanks guys. Always nice to hear. ;-)

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