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Recommended Documentaries (Open for Suggestions)

Have added fourteen of the Documentaries I have watched and liked. Am looking for other recommendations to watch.

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  • I am an "old Jock" and love sport docs, which I hesitate to recommend because they don't interest some folks. There are some great ones already listed (WWWK, Senna, Hoop Dreams etc), that everyone should check out.
    Here's a couple more I have seen recently and enjoyed:
    "The Other Dream Team" (Lithuanian Olympic basketball team)
    "Once Brothers" (Basketball)
    "HitMan Hart" (Wrestling,,truths)
    "Pumping Iron" (the older one featuring..Arnold)
    "Tyson" (boxing)
    How about "Dogtown and Z-Boys" :)
    Of course a recent success ...."Undefeated".
    Read up on these and see if they interest you.

  • Wow, a LOT of recommendations to process. Will go through them soon, probably tomorrow, and update the list.

  • I second Night and Fog. Harrowing of course but absolutely essential viewing.

  • Have added all the films mentioned (and there were a LOT). Thanks for all the suggestions folks. This will keep me going for quite a while.

  • I'm really glad Resurrect Dead: The Mystery of the Toynbee Tiles has been added. I absolutely LOVE that film. Another great real life, 'truth is stranger than fiction' mystery is The Imposter. Due for release soon (I saw it at a festival) and totally compelling.

  • Watched Hoop Dreams. Good stuff!

  • If you like sports documentaries, the ESPN mini-series Black Magic about the intersection between African American college basketball players and the Civil Rights Era is excellent.

  • Watched One Day In September. Very Good!

  • Side By Side is a great movie that looks into the Film vs Digital debate.

  • Also, the ESPN 30 for 30: Winning Time (Reggie Miller vs the New York Knicks) is the most entertaining one I saw.

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