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  • Night Moves

    Night Moves 2013

    Watched 03 Jun, 2016

    As the motor boat moves closer towards its targeted position, we observe a semi-balanced image of the dam’s surrounding lit-wall. This wall spreads across each side of the frame to be divided by an opening that reveals a two-dimensional darkness beyond it. This is a strikingly articulate metaphor that seems to visually evoke the space in which Jesse Eisenberg’s Josh lives. Josh is centralized in the issue and his eco-beliefs, yet invisible due to the more apparently attracting elements that…

  • Everybody Wants Some

    Everybody Wants Some 2016

    Watched 22 Apr, 2016

    The comparisons with it's spiritual predecessor are appropriate in highlighting the thematic continuities (as well as situating it's generic subtextualities of coming-of-age horror), as it also redirects from the film's distinctive argument about the title's implied question about what it is that everyone "wants."

    The initial scenes appropriately make us question the ethical positioning of team-allegiance via problematic conformity, in which we see Jake playing into mysogeny and sexism disguised as comedic competitive team-building. It's in these moments that Linklater…

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  • Inglourious Basterds

    Inglourious Basterds 2009

    Watched 25 May, 2012 3

    While this is perhaps not the most interesting (nor masterful) of Tarantino’s works, it does have very interesting, if not expected inter-textuality, yet what does seem to receive little attention are the ways in which he makes subtle statements about war.

    While at the conclusion of the picture it becomes clear Basterds is just as much about the political strategy of the United States during World War II as it is present day. This is clear through the manner by…

  • Psycho

    Psycho 1998

    Watched 28 Aug, 2012

    While most reactions towards this version are dismissive complaints about the purity behind the “shot-for-shot” intentions or the shift in performance, what is uniquely illuminating about Van Sant’s rendition of “Psycho,” lies in what it reveals as instinctive to the formalism of nineties filmmaking.

    What makes Hitchcock’s Psycho so strong are the specific kinds of details that add up to reveal the subtle shifts in thought that guide a person in a direction that is unexpected and an unforeseen result…