Best Foreign Horror/Gore

A mix of horror and gore every fan of the genre should see.

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  • Aftermath was the only one on this list I had never seen (or heard of before). Amending this as we speak. Points for gore, but for the rest it's quite dumb. There must be better nr 10's like Rec, Let the Right One in, Calvaire, Trouble Every day, etc.

  • Well, I did make this list as essentials and a way for people to get into foreign horror. Sorry you think it is 'quite dumb,' but they are ones I enjoyed. I wasn't a huge fan of REC or Trouble, Let The Right One in could be placed on there though.

  • Don't get me wrong; any list that introduces me to something new is greatly appreaciated!

  • Well when I get a bit more seasoned I will attempt to add some more :) Have you tried Unholy Women or Dark Tales of Japan? Those are quite funny.

  • How about Dumplings? Also since you have Oldboy here I'd suggest I Saw the Devil and The Man from Nowhere.

  • Oldboy doesn't really belong here, though, as it's neither horror nor gory.

  • I didn't enjoy Dumplings actually, which is too bad since I know quite a lot of people really liked it. And I would consider Oldboy a psychological horror with a tiny bit of gore, idk.

  • How did "Orphanage" get on here? It was horrible...

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