Attack the Block 2011 ★★★★★

Oh man, I LOVED THIS TOO. I didn’t know much going in, but I didn’t have quite the same dread in my stomach because I was too busy having fun and loving it. I was a bit nervous about seeing a movie that could be scary in the theatre, because I scream a lot, but I’m so glad I did. (I still screamed out loud several times.) It was fresh and unexpected and didn’t hold back. Too often, genre films that want to transcend their genre seem to work from a checklist – subvert, subvert, subvert. This movie was fresh in that it didn’t work backwards from what to avoid – it just went and did its own thing, perfectly.


  • Yeah, I've been told stories about this movie from my english pals. A must see I guess. Putting it on my watchlist..!

  • Let me know what you think! Also, after watching, I recommend listening to the interview with Joe Cornish on the Q&A Podcast, I really enjoyed it.

  • I loved this. I've been a fan of Joe Cornish for years. Back in the mid 90's here in the UK he had a TV show with his best mate called "The Adam and Joe show". They used to make parody movies of movies like Titanic and Trainspotting using stuffed toys. A little bit silly but very very funny.

  • hehe that's fun. I didn't know anything about Joe Cornish, and I actually didn't hear anything about this movie before going to the theatre. In the U.S. they played up that it was produced by Edgar Wright, and of course everyone knows Nick Frost. Even though I'm really glad I saw it for the first time without knowing anything about it, it still held up really well the second time around.

  • He's a real movie fan who's always wanted to direct and i think you can see that in the movie. The aliens alone are simple in design yet incredibly affective and unique. How did you get on with the language ? I know it's in English but even i had to tune into the slang and i live here. :)

  • hah, man =) I loved it, I loved that it felt so real, but yea there were a ton of times where I had to just sort of sit back and use context clues and hope for the best. In that podcast interview I posted above, he talks about how he just hung around kids from the block for a while and really picked up things they actually said, and ran it by them to see if they liked it. I look forward to seeing more features by him, and more from those kids!

  • I know the guy who edited this, i used to work with him, he did Scott Pilgrim vs The World too

  • That's pretty sweet! Are you still in the business?

  • Yes i work in television

  • I loved this film too. I didnt know how much Id like it before I saw it but I had heard that it was getting rave reviews from people who knew what they were talking about. It is so well done and Im sad more people havent seen this. I love "the block" and the lexicon that the kids use.

    @jonescrewe, if you dont mind me asking, what do you do for TV?

  • @Phips, i work in Post-Production, mostly with AVIDS, what do you do?

  • @jonescrewe, i actually dont work now. Im a student studying music industry and am interested in music for tv and film and was curious if you were involved with that.

  • @Phips, well the music is post-production, alot of music libraries are used and popular song's if budget allows.

  • @jonescrewe, indeed it is. I focus more on the licensing of it..the procurement of it before it even hits post-production.

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