Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol 2011 ★★★★½

The first time I watched M:I-GP, I saw it in the theatre, in IMAX, and it pretty much blew my socks off (seriously, it was really loud - but I also really really enjoyed it). I enjoyed it so much that I just bought the Blu-ray.

I thought it held up really really well, and even though there were complaints that the IMAX sequences weren't expanded to a 16:9 aspect ratio, it still looked fucking ridiculous.

And even though I laughed more at how ridiculous it is, and the ridiculous product placement, I still really enjoyed it, and do not regret buying it. It's just really overall a ridiculous movie, in a good way I think. I also liked the making-of special features of shooting on the Burj and of the final parking garage sequence. I find that knowing more about how stunts are performed and how effects are created increases my enjoyment of a movie like this.

One question though - do all of the Mission: Impossible credits sequences show the entire movie? I thought it was a really weird approach, if not.


  • But isn't that the point of the whole series, everything is impossible. I think the series has improved as it's gone on. I don't like number 2 at all - but the last 2 have been solid action films and the 4th is my favourite. The Imax was breathtaking, I have the blu ray (bit gutted they don't expand out) but I'll still enjoy it.

    Can't wait to see what they try and do in the 5th one!

  • I hope Jeremy Renner takes over all of the action franchises =)

    Oh yea, I get that everything is impossible and I meant ridiculous in the best of ways =) It's been a while since I've seen 1 or 2. I liked 3, and I can see why people like 3 more (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and like 4 less (who was the villain again?), but 4 just really did it for me! Glad you liked it too. Did you watch the special features? I don't care that he was in a harness and straps and safety gear - how nuts is it that he was actually on the Burj at that height!

  • Renner - just looks superb in the Bourne trailer, he looks right as an action hero - really looking forward to Bourne. And yes I'd like him to take over MI films as well.

    The villian is Nyqvist (Original Dragon Tattoo), he was ok, but Hoffman plays a great villain. Maybe we will get the full package in the 5th - Fantastic ridiculous stunts and a great villain!

    I have't seen any of it yet - but even with straps and safety gear I have a lot of respect for Cruise for doing it.

  • Julie: I also bought the blu-ray after watching this film. I have listened to all my film expert friends tell me how ridiculous this series is and how overrated Cruise is!
    I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and I thought Tom Cruise did a great job, as I thoght he did in the previous ones.
    We can only watch so many "good" films! We need to be entertained once in a while!

  • Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol IS a good film. It's an action film, and it's good. Damn good. The only thing it lacked was a great villain (ala Hoffman in the third one). And I don't care what anyone (or "everyone") says, Tom Cruise is awesome!

  • I think that those kinds of high art = good art arguments are bullshit, throw that in your "film expert friends" faces, ShowBill! =)

    I don't mind Tom Cruise. I think he really owns the role. He's a movie star, he's had great roles and not great roles. I love him in one of my favorite films, Magnolia. I was watching M:I-GP with a lady friend who was even like, "I liked him so much I think I'm Team Tom not Team Katie", which, whatever, I could give two fucks about celebrity divorces. But he's charismatic, that's for sure. I will watch every single one of these films.

  • @Julie, can't rem if the previous movies had a similar opening credits style, but this harks back to the UK TV show from the sixties/seventies I believe.

  • Ah, that makes sense. Thanks, Mark!

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