The Good, The Bad, The Weird 2008 ★★★★½

I wanted to watch this movie a second time, immediately after it ended. Pure cinematic entertainment. I think the proper phrase is, "a rollicking good time". I found it to be a genuinely funny, earnest homage to the spaghetti western (even seeing it referred to as a "kimchi western").

Aside from just being a lot of fun, the settings and cinematography are great, the score is perfect, and I really loved The Bad and The Weird (I'm not sure I ever really felt like I got to know The Good very well, but minor complaint).


  • Loved this too! One of my favorite films.

  • Love this movie! Jee-woon Kim tackles a different genre with almost every film he does so it's hard for me to pick a favorite of his, but this one would be high on the list.

  • Yea! I think I might watch it again this weekend. I have to give The Man From Nowhere a bit of a rest, so I guess this will do =)

    @Mr. I actually haven't seen any of his other films. I only know of A Tale of Two Sisters and I Saw the Devil. I think I'm too much of a pussy for Asian horror, and (also generalizing) I was so traumatized after watching The Chaser that I think it will be another few years until I can watch another Korean thriller. I'm Korean! What is wrong with the cultural zeitgeist there! (That statement is very tongue-in-cheek but still =)

  • @Julie I have'nt seen A Tale of Two Sisters, but I would be the first to say how much of an amazing film I Saw The Devil is. It has a few problems, but it is a complex and gripping film. You should definitely give that one a go and I'd be interested to see what you think of it. Not an easy film to watch though.

  • Have you seen The Chaser? More heart attacks or fewer?

  • I should watch this, started to watch it and then had to do something, I need to watch it.

    If you struggle with The Chaser, don't watch I Saw the Devil :), it's 20 times worse! I think it's a great film.

    As for A Tale of Two Sisters - that has been my favourite Asian Horror film for a long time - I still jump and it still makes the hairs on my neck stand on end, after seeing it 5 times.

    Have you seen Bedevilled?

  • @Julie Never saw The Chaser. I don't even know what it's about so I might try to go in with blind eyes.

  • @Mike Yea, I hope you like it! That's the problem with subtitles, it's hard to multitask =) And I won't say anything about The Chaser, since SilentJoe hasn't seen it...I did really like it though, I thought it was excellent (I even put it on my top 100) but I was pretty scarred for life. I can't really hang with all the horror lovers on this site. Like when I watched The Descent, for instance =) But every once in a while I do get in the mood for a good scare or creep out, so I will go to Two Sisters next. And nope, haven't seen Bedevilled.

    @SilentJoe It's a ride. Enjoy =)

  • @Mike heh, I don't know about Bedevilled. Sounds real rapey.

  • @Julie: I don't know if I'd say I Saw the Devil has "more heart attacks" then The Chaser, but it's definitely more violent and gorier. Without going into spoiler territory, I just think there's certain characters you care more about in The Chaser that makes certain things more intense. I love both movies though.

    Tale of Two Sisters can be disturbing, but it's hard to say because it's more psychological and I find in cases like this it's very subjective to the individual what they find disturbing in a film. I love this film as well.

    Finally, one that you might want to watch as it has nothing to do with horror and it's another one I loved: A Bittersweet Life. I guess you would call it a gangster film of sorts... but describing as that might give you the wrong expectations of it... either way it's a damn good film.

  • Thanks Mr., good to know, re: I Saw the Devil. I think I will definitely watch it. Some day. Sisters too. It's funny, I feel like horror is overwhelmingly popular amongst all the Letterboxd users...everyone but me! I'm trying :) Cool, added Bittersweet to my watchlist. Man, I really need to go back to 3 discs at home, 2 just isn't cutting it.

  • @julie - Bedevilled is like that, Sorry. Go for Two Sisters (but don't watch the american one - it's terrible)
    A Bittersweet life is in my collection, I think I'll give that one a go as well.

  • @Mike: Added Bedevilled to the watchlist. lol

  • @ Mr. Dulac - Nice, i think you should enjoy it. I've not got to my World Cinema box yet, when I do I'll add some more, I've seen or should have seen.

    @Julie have you seen the original Infernal Affairs?

  • haha I'm glad someone benefited from the rec =)

    I don't avoid movies because they have difficult subjects (rape included). But seeing as I have a hard time with the thriller/horror genre anyway, I'm probably not going to go out of my way to watch one that seems like rape will be one of the main plot drivers. But appreciate the rec! Keep them coming!

    I have seen Infernal Affairs. I really liked it, but it was a long time ago and before I was aware of Anthony Wong (who I LOVE), and I've been meaning to re-watch. Soon!

  • Anthony Wong is awesome. I only recently noticed that he's listed in the cast of Hard Boiled... I might have to use that as an excuse to watch it again.

  • Hah. And that is what it will take to actually get me to finish Hard Boiled - Anthony Wong =)

  • I've heard only positive things about this film. I guess I need to hurry up and watch it already.

  • I love this movie. Have recommended it to so many friends and everyone has loved it. I realized this year that we Asians love slapstick + cheesy violence. Must have something to do with our homelife...

  • This is something that I noticed particularly with The Host - especially the scene where the family is mourning, but in this crazy hilarious way.

    Also, my statement about being Korean was misleading; I was adopted as a baby, so watching Korean films is my intro to Korean culture! =)

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