• Seven Samurai Seven Samurai
  • Yojimbo Yojimbo
  • Sanjuro Sanjuro
  • Ran Ran
  • Kagemusha Kagemusha

Japanese Cinema


Eadweard 377 films Edit

Just a list of movies I've watched and movies I want to watch.

  • Jack Jack
  • That's My Boy That's My Boy
  • The Wedding Planner The Wedding Planner
  • Bring It On Bring It On
  • Double Take Double Take

Just ¡DONT WATCH! list


AlexYgoa 155 films Edit

The movies you dont need to watch
believe me...

  • 1,000 Times Good Night 1,000 Times Good Night
  • 2001: A Space Odyssey 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • The 400 Blows The 400 Blows
  • Amour Amour
  • Antichrist Antichrist
  • Boyhood Boyhood
  • Interstellar Interstellar
  • Pride Pride
  • Up Up
  • Finding Nemo Finding Nemo

Films I've Seen In 2015 - Ranked

Sam Denyer

Sam Denyer 47 films Edit

I don't know whether I'll even bother with this for the whole year, but it'll be fun while it lasts!…

  • Modern Times Modern Times
  • American Beauty American Beauty
  • The Place Beyond the Pines The Place Beyond the Pines
  • To Kill a Mockingbird To Kill a Mockingbird
  • Drive Drive

A New Year, A New Challenge - 2015

Sam Denyer

Sam Denyer 100 films 1 Edit

So another year has ended and we're all ready for a new start! In celebration of 2015, I am going…

  • Exodus: Gods and Kings Exodus: Gods and Kings
  • Whiplash Whiplash
  • Gone Girl Gone Girl
  • Boyhood Boyhood
  • Noah Noah



mateusdacs 46 films Edit

Todos os filmes que assisti até agora em 2015

  • Boyhood Boyhood
  • Under the Skin Under the Skin
  • Whiplash Whiplash
  • The Lego Movie The Lego Movie
  • Gone Girl Gone Girl

Movies of 2014 Ranked (Best to Worst)

This is my opinion and how I would rank the films I saw this year from my favorite to my…

  • Philomena Philomena
  • The World's End The World's End
  • Cass Cass
  • Boyhood Boyhood
  • Under the Skin Under the Skin
  • I Bury the Living I Bury the Living
  • The Undertaker and His Pals The Undertaker and His Pals
  • Bloody Pit of Horror Bloody Pit of Horror
  • Dementia 13 Dementia 13
  • The Satanic Rites of Dracula The Satanic Rites of Dracula

Movies I Watched In 2015

Movies I watched in 2015. Not necessarily for the first time.

TV Series
Mr. Show (1995) Seasons 3-4

  • St. Vincent St. Vincent
  • The Maze Runner The Maze Runner
  • Ouija Ouija
  • Grand Piano Grand Piano
  • Seventh Son Seventh Son
  • A Haunted House A Haunted House
  • Django Unchained Django Unchained
  • Dredd Dredd
  • Battleship Battleship
  • Starship Troopers : Invasion Starship Troopers : Invasion

Reaction & Review


Ren507Man 274 films Edit

All of the movies covered by Emer Prevost - the host of the Youtube film review channel Reaction and Review.…

  • The Salt of the Earth The Salt of the Earth
  • Timbuktu Timbuktu

Movies to Watch


Dennis 2 films Edit

Movies coming soon or past releases I still need to watch.