• The Magnificent Seven
  • Carrie
  • His Girl Friday
  • The Candidate
  • Nights and Weekends

366 Film Challenge

Robert Love

Robert Love 347 films 1 Edit

My New Year's Resolution is to watch 366 (LEAP YEAR) films this year that I've never seen before. The ideal…

  • Deadpool
  • Kubo and the Two Strings
  • Captain America: Civil War
  • Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
  • Bad Moms
  • Wiener-Dog
  • Zootopia
  • Pee-wee's Big Holiday
  • Ghostbusters
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane

2016 Ranked


beca 38 films 3 Edit

My personal ranking of all of the films I've seen in 2016 that were released in 2016.
Primarily based on…

  • Dheepan
  • Julieta
  • The Witch
  • Christine
  • The Lobster

2016 (in progress)

Jacob LeMatty

Jacob LeMatty 18 films Edit

All films released in the United States sometime in 2016.

These are those that I've seen. There are many more…

  • Green Room
  • The Lobster
  • The Witch
  • Demon
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane

Careful now: 2016 ranked

I need to write a new thing for this.

  • Inherent Vice
  • Under the Skin
  • Two Days, One Night
  • Hard to Be a God
  • Only Lovers Left Alive

Top 20 Films of 2014


hocetheo 20 films Edit

A few outliers (in alphabetical order)...

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night, A Most Violent Year, Clouds of Sils…

  • Birdman
  • Whiplash
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel
  • Gone Girl
  • The Lego Movie

2014 Ranked

Mark Granados

Mark Granados 81 films Edit

This is my list of films from 2014 ranked from best to worst. The release dates for certain films are…

  • Big Game
  • Man from Reno
  • The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
  • What We Did on Our Holiday
  • The Forest

2016: My Year At The Movies

Rachel West

Rachel West 168 films Edit

Logging first-time watches

  • Bad Moms
  • Star Trek Beyond
  • Captain America: Civil War
  • The Jungle Book
  • Green Room
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Goodnight Mommy
  • The Boy
  • A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night

2015 Top and Bottom


BobaFett 12 films Edit

A ranking of the films of 2015 that I have seen.

Criteria: Official release date or festival release date in…

  • Everybody Wants Some
  • The Witch
  • The Nice Guys
  • Deadpool
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

2016 Ranked


JMSavoyBoy 17 films Edit

All the films with cinematic releases in 2016 Ive seen, ranked.

other years:
2015/2014/2013 /2012

  • Mistress America
  • Inside Out
  • American Ultra
  • Spy
  • Carol

2015 Ranked


beca 35 films Edit

My personal ranking of all of the feature-length films I saw in 2015 that were released in 2015.
Primarily based…