2001: A Space Odyssey 1968

After observing the outpouring of geek excitement over Apple's Siri quoting this film, I decided to watch it.

Seriously, what?


  • One star? You need to go back and watch this again. And again. And again. Until you get it. And no fast-forwarding the monkeys. The stars you can fast-forward.

  • I watched every second of it, no fast-forward. I tried to like it, I really did, but alas I could not.

    The monkeys were the best part.

  • Karl, that's cruel, If you watch it again and again until you get it you will eventually be a mummified corpse in an armchair.

    I personally loved this film, and Tanya you have to remember when it was made and who was making it.


  • Back to the kitchen please.

  • ONE STAR?!?!?!

  • Tanya, don’t worry about some of the comments above – it’s not a standard science-fiction movie and I’m not surprised that you’re put off by it. I watched it maybe four times and I had very hard time understanding what it is and why it’s widely respected.

    From what I gather, it’s a sequence of metaphors about being human. This movie format isn’t about the story arc, revealing finale or protagonists – it’s about a journey that is life, narrated through milestones achieved by human race and animated through some life forms – from basic (primates) to advanced (HAL).

    If you have a chance, watch Tree of Life – it’s almost a homage to Space Odyssey and you might understand more about this specific genre. If you don’t want to rewatch it, try reading about it on Wikipedia – there’s some mindblowing stuff in this movie and I personally needed some guidance to even begin to understand it.

  • Stefano, it's hilariously hypocritical of you to say that when the commenters are merely sharing their own opinions.

    Maybe you're one of those poor misguided people that's under the mistaken impression that opinions can never be wrong, so shouldn't be criticised. This is probably something your parents convinced you of during childhood when you first proved to have a lot of really badly reasoned opinions. They did you a disservice. Everyone has an opinion, but clearly not everyone is right, ergo opinions can be honestly held but wrong nonetheless.

  • I wish I could 'like' comments right now...

  • Stefano, your passion is delightful, but the big thing you're missing here is that most of the comments on Tanya's "review" are from people who actually know Tanya.

    BenBen's comment is obvious, however I'm not clear why it's my place to defend or explain him to you. I'm sure he could do that perfectly well himself if he was willing to engage with a random internet troll. But even I'm not going to do that any more.

    You're free to continue to criticise other people's comments, while simultaneously claiming that opinions shouldn't be criticised, and then getting all weepy when people call you a hypocrite for it. But while you do that, I'll be requesting a 'block user' feature.


  • I'm flattered that you all care so much :) love and hugs for all.

    Yes, even BenBen.

  • I suspect BenBen's comment was a clue to something in the kitchen on Discovery One. Who then is BenBen and what does he know?

  • If "Seriously, what?" is her sole justification to rate an amazing movie with 1 star, then "Back to the kitchen please" is the appropriate response.

    peace out

  • Since "Seriously what?" is not an opinion, she does not have an opinion. So we're neither criticizing her opinion nor we're criticizing her.
    My answer would have been different if she had written a reasonable criticism. Or at least explain why she rated it with 1 star.
    But she was probably just mad because she didn't get anything and there were no kissing couples at the end of the movie, that's why she rated 1 star.

  • I came in here very angry, ready to yell at you, but then I saw you gave The Shining, A Clockwork Orange, Drive, and 12 Monkeys four stars, so I am now only mildly perturbed and will just continue to mutter under my breath. Carry on...

  • Ha, thanks Len. Glad you took a look at my other ratings before yelling, unlike some others who have posted here ;)

    Will watch this movie again and I genuinely hope I can revise my rating in future. Feel a bit like I'm missing out by not seeing what everybody else sees in it.


  • Hmm, rewatching it may be a mistake. I think it's the sort of film that gets better and better the longer since you've seen it.

  • "You need to go back and watch this again. And again. And again. Until you get it." - Karl von Randow

    Make up your mind, Karl :P

    Don't think I can really lower my opinion by watching it again, so it's worth a shot. One day.

  • That wasn't me.

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