Single Location Movies

My list, my rules-

Lets start with the obvious. To appear in this list a movie must have its narrative screen-time restricted to a single, closed location. A character, or group characters, must be isolated to this location, either by a desire to stay, or by a fear or inability to leave.

A limited amount of screen-time outside the location is tolerable, but only if it’s either - A) bookending the narrative (setting the scene, contextualizing a location, or giving a sense of closure are all tolerable and indeed sometimes necessary), or B) testing the force that limits characters to the location (escape attempts should see characters pushed back into the location or exit the narrative at least temporarily). Dream and fantasy sequences are permissible for this second exception, but flashbacks are not. In each case it must be relatively brief scene relevant to the scenario that confines the narrative to the location.

The location must evoke a sense of isolation and claustrophobia. More often than not it's a room or a building of some kind, but setting a film within these environments does not automatically qualify you for this list. Locations such as the sprawling Hill House Mansion of Clue or the vast mall of Dawn of the Dead have been omitted. They allow for too much free wheeling movement from the characters to evoke the same sense of stagecraft essential to this list.

Prison and asylum movies have also been omitted. Although they can have many of the same narrative features as those films included here, they are a distinct sub-genre unto themselves, explore one or both of two themes not covered by the films in this list - the (un)just nature of institutional incarceration and/or jail break.

This is by no means a definitive list, I'm pretty sure I've missed a few I'm aware of and undoubtably even more I'm not. Also, quality has not been a deciding factor on whether or not a film is included here. Feel free to make suggestions for films to be added and to make comments about the list or its content.

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