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  • Day of the Dead
  • The Funhouse
  • The Toolbox Murders
  • The Cat and the Canary
  • Pontypool

Shocktober Screamathon 2014 First Time Viewings

31 films 4 1 Edit

Kinda stinks that almost as soon as I started to take this seriously I got too busy to watch any…

  • Air Bud
  • Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch
  • Air Bud 3: World Pup
  • Air Bud: Golden Receiver
  • Air Bud: Spikes Back

Air Bud Related Movies, Ranked

14 films 54 17 Edit

Not feeling too great about myself at the moment.

This list is dedicated to my golden retriever, Bailey. RIP Bailey,…

  • Hellraiser: Inferno
  • Hellbound: Hellraiser II
  • Hellraiser
  • Hellraiser: Bloodline
  • Hellraiser: Hellseeker

Hellraiser, Ranked

9 films 8 Edit

This was a really bad decision.

  • Medea
  • The Testament of Dr. Mabuse
  • Humanity and Paper Balloons
  • Mirror
  • An Autumn Afternoon

First Time 2013 Viewing Take Two

50 films 8 Edit

Okay lets try this again. Recent movies excluded etc.

Ten movies that may have just as easily made the list:…

  • Medea
  • The Testament of Dr. Mabuse
  • Humanity and Paper Balloons
  • Mirror
  • An Autumn Afternoon

Top First Time Viewings 2013

50 films 3 Edit

Not counting recent releases. I'll try not to see anything too good in the next couple of days. Watching movies…

  • Only Angels Have Wings
  • His Girl Friday
  • To Have and Have Not
  • Rio Bravo
  • Bringing Up Baby

Howard Hawks, Ranked

19 films 5 2 Edit

Told myself I wouldn't do this unless I had seen every feature by a filmmaker but decided to commemorate the…

  • The Spirit of the Beehive
  • Masculin Féminin
  • Orpheus
  • Citizen Kane
  • Killer of Sheep

Letterboxd Top 250 Submission

10 films 5 2 Edit

Apparently this is now a thing we're doing.

  • Napoleon
  • War and Peace
  • Waterloo
  • A New Leaf
  • Green Card

Project Finish This God Damn List Already

18 films 5 5 Edit

I usually trace becoming a 'movie person' to sometime late 2005 when I bought a cheap glossy paperback book called…

  • Once Upon a Time in Anatolia
  • Tabu
  • Holy Motors
  • Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning
  • The Imposter

Another God Damn 2012 List

10 films 5 Edit

Going to stop pretending that I'm going to magically catch up with everything and just put this out there. I…

  • The House Is Black
  • Awaara
  • Histoire(s) du cinéma: A Single (Hi)story
  • La Notte
  • The Valley of the Bees

Top 50 Films First Seen In 2012

50 films 8 2 Edit

Excluding 2012 releases. It's been an exceptional year of movie watching for me - the only reason I didn't expand…

  • Possession
  • Lost Highway
  • Martin
  • The Most Dangerous Game
  • [REC]

Shocktober Screamathon 2012

28 films 1 Edit

A Spooky, Scary Ranking. Pretty good count considering I started midway through the month.

  • Dead Man
  • Miller's Crossing
  • Once Upon a Time in China
  • Pi
  • Face/Off

Remember the 90s?

50 films 5 11 Edit

So the AV Club has this countdown on 'best movies of the 90s' and everyone on twitter is contributing their…