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  • Arrival



    The reveal is handled a little clumsily for my taste, but the overall movie is great! Lots of good ideas/concepts/images and Amy Adams is terrific as always. Renner feels a little shoehorned-in. The pivotal Louise-Shang moment feels like a nod to Bill & Ted, which I appreciate. I think it demands, and deserves, a rewatch.

  • Inferno


    There's too much talent here for this to be completely unwatchable, but it tries really hard to defy those odds. Practically zero story, truly zero surprises, and very nearly no reason this had to be a Robert Langdon movie; no epic scale, few obscure historical facts, no compelling villain. Awful movie.

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  • Titanic



    Having seen (and enjoyed) the Titanic exhibit in Vegas a few weeks ago, I wanted to revisit this movie. Time hasn't really helped it; the effects aren't as impressive as I remember and Jack and Rose are, if anything, even more ridiculous characters than I thought they were. But, for some reason, I liked it more tonight than I did in 1998. If someone tells me it's their favorite movie, I think I get it now. Maybe sometimes filmmaking isn't just about the writing. #shrug

  • The Imitation Game

    The Imitation Game


    I think the distracting time-jumpy structure distracted the screenwriter most of all, because the characters here are all over the place. What's on the screen is actually pretty good, but it feels like a few scenes got cut accidentally and -- with three separate timelines going on -- no one noticed until it was too late. Pretty ballsy to start off with the central character demanding you pay close attention and then reward that attention with ... this movie.