12 Angry Men 1957 ★★★★★

Amazing film. Had to be when it's number 6 on IMDb. All the actors are fantastic. My favorite thing about the movie, though, is the dialogue. Lines like "You can keep talking till your tongue's dragging on the floor," is what it's all about. Awesome! Also, cannot believe that this was Sidney Lumet's film debut. Facked uuup. What a guy.


  • good review but i wouldn't take IMDb's word on most of the films in its top 250. dark knight ranks above seven samurai followed closely by inception, it's laughable

  • Yes, I agree. Haven't actually seen Seven Samurai but I would assume it's better than both of those films.

  • 12 Angry Men and Seven Samurai are both undisputed masterpieces.

    TDK and Inception are crappy popularity-contest winners that nobody will remember in 10-years time, guaranteed.

  • I don't know that I agree with that, but I agree that they are ranked so high because of popularity and not because of how good they are though I really do like both films.

  • aye there's nowt wrong with liking them but if the IMDb list was solid i'd expect to see nolan's name at least after the 50 mark

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