House of 1000 Corpses 2003 ★½

Too morbid for me, didn't like the atmosphere most of the time. Loved Captain Spaulding though. Awesome guy.


  • Have you seen the sequel 'The Devils Rejects'? It's a lot better in my opinion... But then I quite liked this one.

  • No, but I would like to. Is it similar? I'm getting a different vibe from it. Then again, this film wasn't exactly what I had expected.

  • House of a 1000 corpses is a lot darker than The Devils Rejects. Although still following the lives of a crazed psycho family, they commit more 'every day murders' as they travel around... loads more fun and the end scene with the music is almost beautiful! I'd recommend.

  • Just what I wanted to hear! Thanks, man, I'll check it out soon!

  • A pity you didn't like it. Saw the movie at the Fantasy Filmfest here in Germany back in the days and didn't know anything beforehand. I really enjoyed the ride big time, loved the atmosphere, the characters and the nerdiness and love for the genre of Rob Zombie showing in a lot of scenes. Check out Devils Rejects, it's more like a horror road movie and not as twisted as the prequel, but both great films in their own regard!

  • Will do for sure.

  • I kind of agree. Hard for me to revisit House but I can watch The Devil's Rejects over again and love the soundtrack. Rob definitely takes it back to the 70's with the House of 1000 Corpses and I respect that.

  • I think you will dig Rejects more for sure Aaron.

  • The Devil's Rejects is definitely better than this. I wouldn't call either of them good movies, though.

    I won a contest online and received a free DVD copy of HO1kC. Hated it so much, I sold it.

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