Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi 1983 ★★★★

Not as good as the first two but still so enjoyable. Not much to be said that hasn't already been said.


  • So you had never seen Empire or Jedi before? If your being honest (and I like to think you are) than I've got some questions for you.
    1. Did you know that Vader is Luke's father?
    2. Did you find Carrie Fisher attractive in the metal bikini?
    3. Ewoks, better or worse than Jar-Jar?
    4. Is the Luke & Leia relationship creepy?
    5. Is Mark Hamill a bad actor?

  • Indeed, I had never before seen them. I know it's weird. Nice questions by the way!

    1. I did. There was a little less drama for me because of that, but I still liked their moment at the end of Jedi.
    2. YES.
    3. It's been a long time since I saw Jar Jar, but I seem to remember liking him. Could be wrong though. Tough decision but I'll have to go with Jar Jar. I didn't hate the Ewoks though, which I had expected to after hearing so many bad things about them.
    4. Didn't think too much about it actually. I was busy cheering for Han to get Leia!
    5. It did cross my mind at times. He is clearly not the greatest actor ever, and some scenes suffer a little because of this. But no, he is not a bad actor I would say.

  • I've never understood why this gets a bad rap - I thought the Jabba's palace scenes were awesome, especially with all of the new alien creatures, I thought the middle was solid too, the scenes with Yoda and Obi-Wan were interesting because they filled in some more background/history on Darth Vader and the final 45 minutes or so were non-stop action.

    The space battle and Luke's confrontation with the emperor were everything I could have hoped for as an ending for such an incredible trilogy.

    The ewoks to me are tolerable; I guess they could have been toned down a little bit. But George Lucas always said that he wanted to show that technology doesn't always win out.

    Yeah a flaw here and there, but what movie doesn't have them?

    Glad to see you enjoyed this.

  • Well said, I agree.

  • @Josh: I think it gets a bad rap because it follows Empire. It's not a case of how bad or good Jedi is, but how people compare it to Empire.

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