The Yellow Sea 2010 ★★★★

Na Hong-jin's follow up to The Chaser tries hard but never reaches the heights of its predecessor. I was really looking forward to it because I absolutely loved The Chaser and luckily there are many similarities. The Yellow Sea is equally grounded in a Korean way and actually turns up the level of violence and blood quite a bit. Maybe even a little too much in fact.

The performances are of course fantastic. Ha Jung-woo is unrecognizable. Had to check before I could be sure he was the same guy who played a serial killer in The Chaser. What is missing though, is emotional connection. That would've lifted the film up to a top score.


  • Gonna have to check this out!

  • I think this review is spot on. The film never quite has the emotional intensity that The Chaser had, though I think that is down to the way Ha Jung-Woo chooses to portray his character (or perhaps it's down to Na Hong-Jin's direction) as a man so defeated and detached from society he's almost become emotionless. What made this film great for me was the patient way it built up in the first half; it is a slight shame that it then decides to crank up the action to such a level that it's almost flat-out from scene to scene, to the point where it gets repetitive, else I too would've given it a 5.

  • Agree completely. I could have done without the mafia-type boss dude and I wish there had been more focus on Kim Yun-seok.

  • Great review. Finally watched it tonight. It was also great seeing the two leads from The Chaser play completely different roles.

  • I agree completely. They were both so completely different.

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