Gone with the Wind 1939 ★★★★

Wind is the definition of a Hollywood epic, from it's sprawling sets to it's thousands of extras to its nearly 4 hours in length. The sets and the costumes are large and vibrant and there are plenty of iconic scenes. Vivien Leigh does a wonderful job playing two different sides of Scarlett O'Hara; the flirty young lady who is crazy in love in the first half of the film and the strong-willed and determined woman of the second half who takes charge of the people around her. She's incredibly stubborn and defiant throughout. The rest of the acting performances are superb, especially Clark Gable and Hattie McDaniel. Wind is a wonderful film and the comeuppance of it's protagonist at the end is the only way that it could have ended. Now if only it was about an hour shorter...


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