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  • A Face in the Crowd

    A Face in the Crowd


    Ugh, great film but watching it just gave me anxiety. Looking forward to watching it again in the future when the end of the film comes true.

  • Oh, Susanna

    Oh, Susanna


    Y'all know you're watching the Gene Autry joints for those baller car chase scenes............... No, really, this one ends with a car chase scene.

    I like that nobody knows what the hell the top criminal in town looks like, nevertheless top musician Gene Autry. Life before cellphones.... computers.....disposable cameras...... photographs? faces?

    Anyhow, a guy knocks Gene Autry out, shoves his body out of a moving train through the window (!!!!!) and steals his identification so he can steal a whole…

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  • Silence



    I have the sneaking suspicion this one wasn't 'For Me' in that I left the movie with a big shrug. Perhaps if I knew more about Christianity or Buddhism? I'd like to think I have a working knowledge of both, but if there were any subtleties they were certainly lost on me. And as much of a history buff as I am, I don't know much about this time in Japan so I basically went in blind. I'm really enjoying…

  • Dogfight



    Sad, sweet, compassionate and touching. A great character piece, and a fantastic, layered and realistic female lead. A great mix cruel and kind.