Bruce Willis's Penis

I wish I'd had the warning I'm now giving you.

  • Color of Night


  • Hog, knob, cock, chode, dick, prick, meat, tool, or whatever else you might want to call it, you probably don't want to see Bruce's one, out of the blue, and for no apparent reason. But if you watch Color of Night, you will. So... Don't.

  • I was considering making a list like this for Viggo Mortensen, but when I realised it would be at least twice as long I gave up.

  • That fight in Eastern Promises is incredible. The nudity made him seem incredibly vulnerable, whereas the nudity in Color of Night is just suddenly and unnecessarily there.

  • Couldn't agree more on Eastern Promises, but I haven't actually seen any of the other films staring his penis so I cannot pass judgement.

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