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  • T2 Trainspotting

    T2 Trainspotting


    Even more so than its predecessor, T2 has little interest in exploring the reality of heroin addiction; it's a stylish and superficial middle class fantasy of a problem that continues to blight working class communities across the British Isles. Embrace the fantasy, if you can, and there's enough to keep you entertained here.

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  • Gold



    If you've seen last year's War Dogs, you've already seen Gold. Their plots are practically identical, with both featuring a naive but well meaning and aspirational (read 'All-American') white guy led astray by the dodgy tactics of his minority colleague. Both stories are told in that sub-Scorsese fashion so beloved of filmmakers bereft of their own ideas - all tracking shots, close-ups of substances being imbibed, arguments with angry spouses and on-the-nose needle drops (a scene in which Wells walks away in silence is accompanied by Joy Division's lyrics, "Don't walk away, in silence.").

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