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  • The Wicker Man

    The Wicker Man 1973

    ★★★★½ Added

    Deliciously creepy

  • Walking on Sunshine

    Walking on Sunshine 2014


    Truly, truly terrible film. The actors can't sing, the singers can't act, the writing is awful, Katy Brand is less appealing that dog poo, and the plot is more predictable than an Elizabeth Taylor divorce.

    The only reason it gets one star is because of the songs. And because Leona Lewis was surprisingly okay, in fairness

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  • Pulp Fiction

    Pulp Fiction 1994

    ★★★½ Added 2

    I think to call this one of the greatest films ever is a wild exaggeration. Very good, yes, but ultimately there is no real plot and stuff just happens because it happens. Samuel L. Jackson was superb, and everyone gave very good performances, but Bruce Willis' character and story felt almost pointless, at least at face value. Of the five Tarantino films I've seen (this, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill Volumes 1 and 2, Django Unchained), this was definitely the weakest.

    Influential? Yes. Different? Absolutely. 9/10 on the IMDb? No chance.

  • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

    Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 2014

    ★★ Added

    Predictable. Boring. Dull.

    Saw 'Dawn' back-to-back with its superb predecessor, 'Rise of the POTA', so it's safe to say I was expecting big things. That was a mistake.

    The whole first hour was basically pointless and it all followed the same routine: Thing needs doing, something stops thing from being done, thing gets done eventually. Rinse and repeat.

    The only reason it gets a generous 2 stars is because of how magnificent it looked and how well it was shot…