The Guard 2011 ★★★

Any film that fits all of its funniest moments into its trailer is asking for trouble. A lack of chemistry between Cheadle and Gleeson make this a disappointment.


  • Disappointed me too. Not half as funny as the trailer suggested it might be. Don't understand quite how positive the reviews have been.

  • Me neither. It's not a touch on In Bruges - I understand John McDonagh not wanting to be compared with his brother, but the two movies contain similar humour.

  • As a film fan I spend a lot of my time in the dark, waiting and hoping for those rare outstanding films that come along once in awhile. A film that is so fresh, original and sharp that it is achingly cool while demonstrating an uncanny understanding of the film medium and its audience’s needs.

    The Guard is such a film. I cannot recommend this flawless gem highly enough. Before I get into my thoughts of The Guard I would like to start with 3 quotes from other films and characters that made an impact on me at some time or other and I couldn’t help drawing parallels between those characters and Brendan Gleeson’s portrayal of The Guard.

    Reservoir Dogs (1992)
    Mr. Blonde: “Boy that was really exciting. I bet you're a big Lee Marvin fan aren't ya …”

    Tombstone (1993)
    Doc Holliday: “My hypocrisy goes only so far.”

    Charley Varrick (1973)
    Molly: [reads Charley's business card] “Charley Varrick, last of the independents. I like that. Has a ring of finality.”

    No one sets out to make a bad, OK well almost, no one sets out to make a bad film but Cinema is littered with the many wannabe Crime tales that purport to be different, fun and exciting whilst rolling out all the usual clichés and characters from other films (with well tread dialogue). The Guard eschews all of that and while it may have some elements in common with great films of the 70s it never feels nothing less than smart, original and fresh.

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