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  • Jagged Edge 1985

    ★½ Watched 24 Nov, 2014 1

    If there's one Joe Eszterhas-written movie that's actually more or less respected, this is probably it - and it's still pretty much crap.

    It wastes no time getting to the nasty misogynistic violence - a woman gets pinned down, tied up, shirt ripped open and stabbed to death by a masked man who then writes BITCH on the wall above her in her blood - but after that it's a draggy-as-hell courtroom drama (oh no, the defense attorney and her…

  • Locke 2013

    ★★½ Watched 23 Nov, 2014

    Though the dreamy night lights and occasional message on a passing truck give the scenery a bit of kick, this feels more like a medium-displaced radio play than Buried did. (best listened to in your brand-new BMW, of course.)

    It cuts between three difficult, recurring conversations its titular character has to have while driving an English freeway at night - and while they're all believable (one of these conversations I've had, repeatedly), none of them have a lot of weight.…

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  • The Haunted Palace 1963

    ★★★½ Rewatched 10 Dec, 2013

    Whoa, a Poe/Lovecraft mashup, from prime Roger Corman, starring Vincent Price? Be still my raging boner.

    I don't often dig up my old Cavalcade Of Schlock reviews but I did with this one because I wanted to know if I'd seen this before. I had, and I apparently had quite a crush on the leading lady.

    Like in The Pit And The Pendulum, it doesn't start as a pure villain performance but it sure ends up there, Price throwing in maybe one part the well-baked ham to two parts the icewater in his veins.

    Debra Paget - worth crushing on.

  • Your Sister's Sister 2011

    ★★½ Watched 30 Oct, 2014

    Perfectly nice hangout movie, in a pretty setting with three perfectly charming people, that gets swamped in its last act by all that Serious Drama, which shall we say harshes the mellow, montaging the shit out of everything.

    Up until then it's very pleasant, if a little implausible. Mark Duplass here is playing a guy whose picture is next to "schlubby" in the dictionary, while it wasn't so long ago I saw a movie where Emily Blunt saved the world…