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  • Jaco



    When I was reading guitar magazines, Jaco Pastorius was one of those names that was always spoken of reverently but didn't get much (if any) direct coverage because he was more of a jazz/fusion guy and they were generally rock-oriented publications. Also it turned out he'd died a few years earlier so it's not like there was further news.

    I was never really much tuned into the big names in bass but this movie makes a case for him being,…

  • My Chauffeur

    My Chauffeur


    The 80's were a banner time for "free spirit turns the squares' world upside-down" movies, and while this one isn't exemplary, it's well cast and demonstrates a certain wit from its earliest scene.

    The charms here rest heavily upon the shoulders of Deborah Foreman, who lucky for it is charming as all hell, and wears a series of increasingly stylin' chauffeur uniforms as the movie progresses.

    Some of it is sexist and dated like you'd expect, but more just bawdy…

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  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    George Miller had been talking about this - or at least, had been persistently asked about it in interviews - for like twenty years now, and I don't know what's different about now that he finally got around to making it but I'm glad he did. The response on this has been gobsmacking, though I was willing to chalk a fair bit of it up to Peak Gen-X Nostalgia, and it coming at a good time to be heralded as…

  • The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)

    The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)

    Tom Six, like a lot of people whose art is childishly offensive and basically stupid, considers himself a warrior for free speech. (o, how hard he fights. On Twitter.) He dresses like the French guy in Raiders Of The Lost Ark and has so far shown the world exactly one idea, which he's flogged out for three movies now. I am caught between befuddlement and admiration.

    This third gulp at the can dispenses with the dropout-Cronenberg medical horror of the…