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  • Jungle Fever 1991

    ★★★½ Watched 01 Sep, 2014

    The idea of a whole movie around interracial relationships struck me as quaint in 1991, though what the fuck did 17-year-old me know. (not for nothing is this movie dedicated in its first screen to Yusuf Hawkins, who I had to look up.) What I really wondered about it - without seeing it for another 23 years - is why is this relationship presented as an extramarital affair? Why isn't it just like...people dating?

    I kinda get why now -…

  • Mulan 1998

    ★★★★ Rewatched 01 Sep, 2014

    I distantly recall a "Oh jeez, here it comes" feeling leading up to this movie's release, Disney having previously unleashed a wave of nascent internet fury with its Hunchback Of Notre Dame adaptation, and before that, people actually on the news decrying Pocahontas. I don't remember if any of that "boo, you're defiling a classic and/or a culture" thing ever came to pass in this case, but it does seem like 16 years on, Mulan has survived as one of…

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  • The Haunted Palace 1963

    ★★★½ Rewatched 10 Dec, 2013

    Whoa, a Poe/Lovecraft mashup, from prime Roger Corman, starring Vincent Price? Be still my raging boner.

    I don't often dig up my old Cavalcade Of Schlock reviews but I did with this one because I wanted to know if I'd seen this before. I had, and I apparently had quite a crush on the leading lady.

    Like in The Pit And The Pendulum, it doesn't start as a pure villain performance but it sure ends up there, Price throwing in maybe one part the well-baked ham to two parts the icewater in his veins.

    Debra Paget - worth crushing on.

  • Prince of Darkness 1987

    ★★★★ Rewatched 02 Oct, 2013

    Of all of John Carpenter's movies, this is his John Carpenteriest. Longtime fans can see all the points where he's homage-ing the shit out of himself and everything of which he's a big dorky fan.

    As a movie, it suffers a bit from promising too much. It's one thing to promise what it promises in the title, but the first 25 minutes are a stirring, profound-sounding discussion on the way "classical reality" breaks down on a subatomic level and that…