Alien³ 1992 ★★★

It's all right (the longer cut) but I've always disliked the direction they went with the franchise. Getting rid of the rest of characters from ALIENS was a really bad mistake in my opinion. I recall reading some script treatment by William Gibson where Hicks and Bishop were the main characters in some space station. I would have much rather preferred something like that. I think it was the same time Renny Harlin was still attached to the project. There are some good character actors in the movie though... Charles Dance (Tywin Lannister from GoT) and Charles S. Dutton are both quite good.


  • Seem to remember Sigourney Weaver saying something about only doing a 3rd Alien film if her character died at the end.

    Regarding Hicks and Newt, I remember thinking "What was the point in Ripley going through hell saving Newt, if she dies right at the beginning of Alien 3"?

    Also agree with you regarding the two Charles'. The film had some good character actors.

  • Yeah, I think this movie pissed off a lot of ALIENS fans when it came out. I saw it in a theater and I remember being underwhelmed also then. I blame David Giler and the other producers.

    I think that in the Gibson's treatment Ripley was in a coma for most of the movie. Truth be told, I've always liked most of the other characters more than Ripley in these films. Bishop and Hicks kicking ass together with a script by Gibson and directed by Harlin. Now that's a movie ;)

  • I am rewatching these before I go see Prometheus on Wednesday, but the theatrical versions - are the directors cuts better for 3 and Resurrection?

    Agreed too about the character actors here; just a shame many are wasted.

  • For Alien 3, the director's cut is a huge improvement. For Resurrection I don't remember there being a big difference between the two.

  • I agree that the longer cut for 3 is better but it's still just a mediocre effort. I forgot just how horrible the CGI xenomorph looks. As for the actors, Pete Postlethwaite also has a small role which is always a plus.

  • These making-of docs on the Blu-ray are in fact more interesting than the movie itself. The whole production was a complete mess.

  • Yeah, there were quite a few versions of Alien 3 going around.

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