Headhunters 2011 ★★★★

Brilliant crime thriller with a hefty dose of black comedy thrown in for good measure. The ending is a little pat, tying things up too neatly and smelling a little of Hollywood schmaltz (I'd be interested as to whether this was changed from the novel), but this is my favourite film of the year so far (released in its native Norway in 2011 but held back till 2012 in the UK, so from my POV it's a 2012 release).


  • Man, Headhunters is big on letterboxd. Nice to see Norwegian films doing well abroad.

  • Indeed it is. Over here in the UK, the film has definitely benefited from being aggressively marketed as being "from the producers of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO" as well as the immense popularity of Jo Nesbo and "Scandinvanian noir" in general. The screening I was at was pretty much sold out - very impressive for a subtitled film!

  • loved the film and the review.

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