The Adventures of Tintin 2011 ★★★½

As others have noted, this feels a lot like a junior-ized Indiana Jones film, and in that regard it's a better one than KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL. The uncanny valley effect is very much in abundance as far as Tintin and Captain Haddock are concerned, although the designs of the supporting cast are exaggerated enough that it's less of an issue for them. After an initial moment of revulsion I found that my brain did adjust to the hyper-real visuals and I was more or less on board with the film. There's nothing particularly remarkable about the film in terms of its plot (and you can tell that it was cobbled together from multiple different books, much like some of the Asterix films), but I laughed out loud at it several times, and if truth be told I enjoyed it more than I was expecting to.

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  • Yup, pretty much my view (and I shamelessly saw it at the cinema-albeit it on a lonely afternoon showing to spare blushes or shouts of 'paedo') I loved the books as a kid and whilst I think this film didn't truly capture the magic of them (nor do I think any film could) I think it came close, despite the obvious cashing in on the current pirate trend by adapting a suitable story. I can't help feeling I'd have preferred a live action version though, maybe then it really could stand alongside the Indy films. Oh and lastly, Andy Serkis's Haddock was clearly John Martyn!

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