The Whistleblower 2010 ★★★½


  • I sought this one out and recently watched it based on its current placing in your 2012 Top 10 list - Bit of a mixed bag really and a difficult film to really judge due to its failings as a 'thriller' but earnestness in dealing with a serious real-life topic. Thanks for checking out and liking my review. Any chance of you jotting down a few thoughts about it? I'm intrigued to know what elements worked better for you - hence its higher score than the 6/10 I gave it.

  • I think I liked it a little more than you did, but it's a fairly low 7/10 for me all the same. Unlike you I found that it engaged me throughout, and I definitely wasn't aware of the passage of time. I thought Weisz was very good (this was very much a personal project for her and I think it shows in her committed performance) and it certainly stirred up emotions in me, even if, as you rightly point out, the film doesn't actually say anything more profound than "people trafficking is bad".

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