2001: A Space Odyssey 1968 ★★★★★

Art of the highest degree. Need i say more.


  • I saw this for the first time recently, and I didn't rate it as high as you I did like it. The most impressive thing to me is how you can watch it today, and not really be able to tell it was released in 1968. With the exception of the acting and the way the actors look it doesn't appear dated at all.

  • Actually its great that you mention the issue of 2001 holding up for the time that it was made. So much of kubricks films (and ill include Barry Lyndon) have this fantastic timelessness that still feel very fresh and at least in my the opinion ahead of its time. I think thats where his attention to detail and craft really sets his films apart from other film makers.

  • I agree I haven't seen everything he's done, but I particularly like The Shining and I can watch Full Metal Jacket anytime.

  • Oh man! 2001 is a piece of art, is such an amazing film, like all Kubrick it means different things every time you watch it depending in what stage of your life you are, That's why I believe Kubrick films are timeless..

  • I found it to be a technical marvel, and the only reason I didn't love it was because it's just a tad slow for my taste. Watching this I kept thinking of Moon because after seeing 2001 it's very easy to see how much 2001 influenced that film.

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