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  • To Be the Best 1993

    ★★½ Added

    Review originally posted as Time Bandits Capsule Review on Modern Superior.

    About five or six minutes into To Be The Best, at least four or five cars had been totaled and a helicopter exploded – and this was all before a motorcycle chase transitioned from the aqueducts of Los Angeles straight into a little league game. At this point I hadn’t even figured out any of the character’s names yet, so clearly I was totally on board with this offering…

  • Transcendence 2014

    ★★½ Added

    This movie is what I like to call a not-quite movie.

    Because it's not-quite thrilling enough to be an entertaining thriller of the throw-away variety. It's not-quite smart enough to actually comment upon the interesting ideas it manages to bring up once in a while. It's not-quite as great looking as a film directed by Wally Pfister should be. On top of all this, it's not-quite bad enough to be a fascinating bomb, or misfire.

    Seeing 8 positive and 8…

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  • Fletch 1985

    ★★★★★ Added

    Michael Ritchie's Fletch is an endlessly re-watchable -- and quotable -- comedy/action flick with a solid plot adapted from the book of the same name. The kind of movie that I can watch any day of the year (and in any mood) and I'll love it no matter what.

  • A Talking Cat!?! 2013

    ½ Watched 14 Mar, 2013 13

    A drunk cat keeps messing around with two families in an attempt to ruin their lives. Or something along those lines. Did I mention that Eric Roberts voices the cat? Did I mention he recorded his voice-over in a garbage can? Did I mention David DeCoteau directed it? AVClub describes this movie as a talking animal movie meets The Room - pretty apt. I won't lie, I laughed pretty hard at this pile of crap a couple times.