Irreversible 2002 ★★½

Wow what a disturbing film! I usually like it if a film is disturbing or fucked up, but Irreversible was one of the hardest to watch that I've ever seen. It features a rape scene that seriously made me physically ill! I recommend watching this at least once, but keep in mind it's extremely graphic, brutal, and unsettling.


  • Dude I remember watching this in 2003 at about 2:00 in the morning on my 46" tv I had at the time in a dark room with headphones on. This film fucked me up hard. I felt sick for a good day or two. This is the perfect example of a film I respect but kinda hate at the same time.

  • Well its good to know what to expect when I get to this film. Thanks for the heads up.

  • @grooveman I know man I'm not easily disturbed, but that rape scene bothered the shit out of me.

    @Michael yeah don't say I didn't warn you.

  • The violence is unsettling and the rape is hard to watch but I think is justify in the film, I was blown away with the film and the soundtrack.. I'am waiting for the blu-ray to re-watch this..

  • @Javier The whole rotating camera thing went on to long for me to a point where it got bothersome. Also I think I would of liked it better if it had of been shot in chronological order because after sitting through that rape seen it would of been nice if the payoff had of been in the end. I rarely cringe watching a film, but that rape scene made me cringe big time.

  • actually it work for me, when i saw this the first time and you see that brutal scene in the disco I said to myself "ohh another film that is gonna try to shock instead of substance", but when i got to that scene it felt like a pay off, now I understand why. if it was the other way around it was gonna be a straight revenge film, instead this way I got the time to invest myself in the characters..

    and the whole rotating thing didn't bother me, actually made me remember films or Tv shows from the 60's that use that to do flashbacks, i thought it was a nice homage there.

  • Yeah I get your take it just didn't work for me. The camera annoyed me more than anything. I think the director was trying a little to hard to do something artsy, but that's just my opinion though.

  • with no doubt Ron, Gasper Noe will always try the artsy thing first than anything else.. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.. but thats what I like abour Noe, he doesn't give a shit... he does what he wants..

  • Yeah and I'm all for a director doing what he wants this one just didn't work for me overall.

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