Primer 2004 ★★½

I didn't like this as much as I thought I would. I enjoy a good mind fuck, but it just didn't seem like much happened in this film. I'm not entirely sure I got it so if someone wants to elaborate I'm all for it.


  • Google "Primer Flowchart" in images. Also, there was a ton going on, but it's all going on at the same time, across the time lines, so it isn't really apparent at first watch.

  • Also, for full disclosure, while I love the film, I still can't say I've "cracked" it completely, and I doubt I ever will.

  • Yeah I didn't hate it or anything it just felt like a bunch of talking about something, but nothing happening. With the whole time space continium thing I liked Timecrimes way better.

  • Primer is awesome, even do we will never know, sound like what they are saying is the way time travel really works haha

  • @ron I disagree a think a lot happens in this film is just the type of film that needs multiple views in my opinion, timecrimes is awesome but in multiple views you can see the flaws in primer you keep peeling layer...

  • @Javier Yeah I probably need to watch it again. I was trying to really pay attention and understand it, but apparently it was over my head with this viewing.

  • @Ron I watched it twice the first night I saw it. I think it it perfect in terms of it's effectiveness. I think this movie's charm is the process of attempting to understand it.

    Also worth considering is the film's budget is supposedly $7,000; which would explain the dialogue vs. visuals element.

  • I prefered Timecrimes much more than Primer.

  • @KarlMalden Yeah I know it's extremely low budget. I don't want anyone to think I hated it because I gave it two stars. I honestly just missed the point I think.

  • @Karl, I did the same thing, I watched it twice the first night and the next night I watched it with the director commentary.. haha

    @Mike, in my opinion is unfair to compare it to Timecrimes, the only thing that tie this together is the fact that is about time-travel, for that matter I could compare it to back to the future!
    Primer is a unique film in my humble opinion.

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