The Dictator 2012 ★★★½

"Give a man a vagina and he will shpichs for a day. Teach a man to use his hand as a vagina, and he will shpichs for a lifetime."
General Aladeen

I loved Borat and thought Bruno was OK. That being said this film fits nicely in between those two previous films. It's definitely not better than Borat in my opinion, but it's quite a bit better than Bruno. I recommend it to any one who has enjoyed SBC's previous work. If you didn't like his previous films then odds are you'll hate this one.


  • really, that good?.. interesting, I had no desire to check this out, but now I will, nice review Ron.

  • Javier whether you like it or not will probably really depend on how you feel about Cohen's previous films and other work. Overall I'm a fan of his so I'm more prone to like his films. For me it fits solidly between Borat and Bruno.

  • I do enjoy his work, the reason why I wasn't interested is because I thought Bruno was not that good..

  • You'll probably at least like it then. It's definitely better than Bruno.

  • @Del Sorry you didn't like it. I'm guessing you probably didn't like Borat?

  • I agree Borat is way better, but got enough laughs out of this film that I liked it. Bruno is the worst of the 3 and I even thought it was OK.

  • Yeahs what's funny about that bit is it pretty much describes America perfectly. I guess we'll just have to disagree on this one because I laughed quite a bit and that's all I ask from a comedy.

    PS You already knew I was strange so you shouldn't be surprised ; )

  • For me there were plenty of jokes. The only thing I can figure is that it must just not be your type of comedy. I know you like The 3 Stooges I haven't seen it, but for me that type of comedy has no jokes and is just guys slapping each other around. Comedy is always that way though one person might find something to be hilarious while another doesn't laugh at all. The Dictator isn't one of my favorite comedies or anything, but like I said I did think it was pretty funny.

  • The daffy duck joke was the best gag in this, i was howling with laughter (nobody else got it)

  • This was the worst i saw this year.

  • @Del Yeah I know the Stooges set out to be slapstick because that's what the Stooges have always been I'm just saying that type of comedy doesn't appeal to me just like you're saying that the type of comedy in The Dictator doesn't appeal to you. We're just different in that way I guess. You mention the Ali G show which I also find funny so I guess SBC just appeals to me in general. Debating what's funny is always tough because it falls into the whole one man's shit is another man's gold category.

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