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  • Cashback

    Cashback 2006

    ★★½ Watched 27 Aug, 2015 2

    Sean Ellis' Cashback is a film that has it's moments, unfortunately those moments are interrupted by a whiny unlikable protagonist, a story better suited as a short (which it originally was), and some really messy editing. On the positive side, I liked the basic premise and there's some decent laughs throughout.

    Overall it's just a feature length film that probably should have remained a short.

    The Ron Says: Watch it if it really interests you, but don't expect anything more than an average film.

  • Persona

    Persona 1966

    ★★★½ Watched 26 Aug, 2015

    I think my mind is still processing Ingmar Bergman's Persona. I liked it, I know I liked it, but my ability to formulate any rational thoughts about it at the moment is proving elusive. I think a proper review will have to wait until an inevitable re-watch.

    Ron's recommendation: Must see.

  • Barry Lyndon

    Barry Lyndon 1975

    ★★★ Watched 21 Aug, 2015

    Stanley Kubrick's Barry Lyndon is considered a masterpiece by many. For me what stood out was the stunning cinematography and costume design. The film is marvelous in those areas. I just wasn't too enamored with the story. It was well acted and good, but not one that will ever be a personal favorite of mine.

    The Ron Says: It's Kubrick, of course you should see it.

  • All This Mayhem

    All This Mayhem 2014

    ★★★½ Watched 18 Aug, 2015

    This documentary from director Eddie Martin tells the depressing tale of Tas and Ben Pappas, two brothers from Australia who burst onto the skateboarding scene in the late 80's. Together they would rise to the top of the skateboarding world through the 90's and into the early 2000's only to fall hard thanks to their excessive lifestyle and drug use. I fancied myself a skater in the late 80's and I remember hearing about these guys later on after I…

  • Late Phases

    Late Phases 2014

    Watched 12 Aug, 2015

    Late Phases is a point a to point b werewolf/horror film with little substance and zero scares. The story is painfully predictable and borders on terrible. The only positive was that some (keyword being some) of the creature effects where pretty good.

    The Ron Says: Staring at an actual full moon or having a round table discussion about silver bullets would probably be a better time than watching this film.

  • Marathon Man

    Marathon Man 1976

    ★★★ Watched 12 Aug, 2015

    Is it safe?

    The Ron Says: Yes.

  • Todd Barry: The Crowd Work Tour

    Todd Barry: The Crowd Work Tour 2014

    ★★★ Watched 10 Aug, 2015

    This was my first experience with Todd Barry's stand-up. He's pretty funny and basing an entire tour on improvised crowd work is pretty cool.

    The Ron Says: See it.

  • Teeth

    Teeth 2007

    ★★★ Watched 10 Aug, 2015

    Teeth makes that kid in "Charlie Bit My Finger" look like a fucking pussy!

    The Ron Says: Damn! You really gotta watch where you put your dick these days.

  • Hoodwinked!

    Hoodwinked! 2005

    Watched 09 Aug, 2015

    A FUCKING horrible attempt to cash in on what Shrek did so well. My kids kept asking to watch something else.

    The Ron Says: Step outside into your hood, there's probably something more entertaining going on there.

  • Encounters at the End of the World

    Encounters at the End of the World 2007

    ★★★ Watched 09 Aug, 2015

    Werner Herzog's documentary Encounters at the End of the World, literally is filmed at what can be considered the end of the world. He takes his cameras to the South Pole and the ice covered continent of Antarctica where scientists and experts in many different fields explore it's frozen wonders. While I found much of the film fascinating, I think I was expecting a little more. I was expecting some wow moments, but none ever materialized. It's still very interesting to explore through Herzog's cameras a place most humans will never set foot on, but I guess I was expecting more.

    The Ron Says: See it.

  • What We Do in the Shadows

    What We Do in the Shadows 2014

    ★★★ Watched 08 Aug, 2015

    What We Do in the Shadows, from directors Jermaine Clement and Taika Waititi is a sort of vampire mockumentary. The story which features four vampires who share a flat and argue such mundane things as household chores is funny, but not near as funny as it could have been. I was hoping for a film full of laugh out loud moments, but what I got was a film full of occasional chuckles. It's worth watching, but misses an opportunity to be absolutely hilarious.

    The Ron Says: See it.

  • Sunset Boulevard

    Sunset Boulevard 1950

    ★★★ Watched 07 Aug, 2015

    Washed up former silent film stars are psychotic bitches!

    The Ron Says: See it.