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  • Frozen 2013

    ★★★ Watched 17 Jan, 2014

    I know most people love this film, but I got to be a stick and the mud and say it was just OK. I've never been a fan of this type of Disney film. The singing doesn't appeal to me because I don't like musicals. It's not that it's bad I just don't like it. The animation looked good and the story was fine. It just wasn't my thing.

  • Saving Mr. Banks 2013

    ★★★½ Watched 20 Jan, 2014

    "Saving Mr. Banks" felt like Disney to me. While it's not a traditional Disney film but more of a behind the scenes tale it still felt like Disney. Maybe not as much now, but when I was a kid everyone knew about the magic of Disney. It was the stuff dreams are made of, and pretty much every little kid grew up with Disney movies and theme parks. I was born and raised in Lakeland, Florida which is at most…

  • Nebraska 2013

    ★★★½ Watched 25 Feb, 2014

    Director Alexander Payne has been hit or miss for me. I liked Election and About Schmidt ok, and The Descendants was good, but one of his biggest films Sideways bored the shit out of me. I admit I've only seen it once years ago so I probably owe it another chance, but even the films I've liked aren't among my favorites or anything. Luckily for me I liked Nebraska more than his other films I've seen.

    Woody Grant (Bruce Dern)…

  • The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 2013

    ★★★½ Watched 09 Feb, 2014 4

    Let me start by giving a quick summary of how I felt about the books by Suzanne Collins. I really enjoyed the first installment. It's a miracle I even started the series considering they are young adult books. YA is something I normally stay far, far away from. The second book was good, but I felt it was a letdown from the first one. Now the third is another story altogether. It was a major disappointment in my opinion. After…

  • Saving Santa 2013

    Watched 21 Dec, 2013

    Boring, uninspired, straight-to-dvd fodder. Ten minutes in my 3 year old exclaimed "daddy I don't wanna watch this".

  • Philomena 2013

    ★★★½ Watched 17 Apr, 2014

    It's seems like it took me forever, but now that I've seen Philomena I've now seen all of the best picture nominees from the 86th Annual Academy Awards. I wasn't able to see it in theaters so I had to wait until it's blu-ray release and arrival via Netflix. It wasn't as high on my list to see as the other nominees, but as it turns out it's a pretty good film in it's own right. Inspired by true events…

  • Thor: The Dark World 2013

    ★★½ Watched 01 Apr, 2014

    I think I might just be over it. Superhero movies I mean or maybe just these Marvel films. I loved The Avengers, but I didn't love the Iron Man films like a lot of people, the first Thor was just ok, and I still haven't been able to bring myself to watch Captain America. I plan on rectifying that last one soon thanks to the extremely positive response the second Captain America film is getting, but I just feel like…

  • Haunter 2013

    ★★½ Watched 11 Feb, 2014 2

    Vincenzo Natali's Haunter is a film that starts as a horror version of Groundhog Day, but eventually becomes a sort of reverse ghost story. I thought maybe that would make for a unique experience, but the very typical attempts at scares ruin any potential it may of had.

    Lisa Johnson (Abigail Breslin) is one day shy of her 16th birthday. Every morning she awakens to the sound of her little brother on the walkie talkie that sits by her bed.…

  • Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa 2013

    ★★★½ Watched 16 Feb, 2014

    I may be too old to stir the gravy but I can still lick the ladle
    Irving Zisman

    When it comes to the Jackass brand of comedy, I think most people are either into or not. I'm one of those people that's into it. I've been watching the Jackass crew ever since their show appeared on MTV back in 2000. I've seen every episode of the show, all three Jackass films, Viva La Bam, Wild Boys, and several straight to…

  • All Is Lost 2013

    ★★★ Watched 23 Feb, 2014 9

    This is my 2000th filmed logged on Letterboxd! Show me what I've won!

    For my 2000 film I wanted to either watch an all time favorite or something I hadn't seen that I really wanted to. All Is Lost was one of only a couple acclaimed films from 2013 I still needed to see. My wife picked it up on blu-ray from Redbox and it now has the…

  • 12 Years a Slave 2013

    ★★★★½ Watched 11 Jan, 2014 3

    You know it's crazy. It's crazy how going to school starting in the 80's and graduating in 1995 how little was taught about slavery. I remember how very brief the sections on it were in the textbooks. Rather than educate students on the subject it seemed like they simply admitted it happened. It was handled like an afterthought when I was growing up, but luckily I was the type of person who would seek out knowledge. I learned of the…

  • Schooled: The Price of College Sports 2013

    ★★★½ Watched 13 Feb, 2014

    Schooled: The Price of College Sports examines the debate of should "student athletes" be compensated for playing. Considering the billions of dollars college sports generate, there's no question in my mind they should be compensated. This documentary does a good job of showing the complexities of the situation, and the shady actions of the NCAA.

    It was comical to me because at one point the excuse is made for the NCAA that it would be too complicated to figure out…