Bring on the brutality!

My personal favorite films featuring scenes of brutal violence. Suggestions welcome.


  • @3rdRevelation I was very disappointed in that film but it does fit. Added.

  • Yeah it wasn't for everyone I guess.

  • Added Django Unchained.

  • Added Bedevilled

  • 13: Game of Death (2006)
    28 Days Later (2002)
    28 Weeks Later (2007)
    30 Days of Night (2007)
    5150 Elm's Way (2009) (little seen but so, so good)
    The ABCs of Death (2012)
    American Psycho (2000)
    Audition (1999)
    Cold Prey 1, 2 & 3 (2006, 2008 & 2010)
    Come Out & Play (2012) (I don't believe the original, Who Can Kill a Child? (1976) was too violent but it was very good)
    Cube (1997)
    Dawn of the Dead (2004)
    The Day (2011)
    Dead Snow (2009)
    Dream Home (2010)
    Evil Dead (1981 & 2013) (anything in this franchise is gold)
    Frontier(s) (2007)
    High Tension (2003)
    The Hills Have Eyes (1977 & 2006) (both have bad sequels)
    Home Sweet Home (2013)
    The Human Centipede II (a very different viewing experience than the first film and surprisingly well done)
    I Spit on Your Grave (1978 & 2010)
    Ichi the Killer (2001) (this one I very much do recommend)
    Irréversible (2002)
    Kidnapped (2010)
    Let Me In (2010)
    Let the Right One In (2008)
    Maniac (1980 & 2012) (The remake is one of the most effective movies I've seen in years)
    Misery (1990)
    The Last House on the Left (1972 & 2009)
    The Loved Ones (2009) (This is a must-see, no question)
    Proxy (2013)
    Rabies (2010)
    Saturday Morning Mystery (2012)
    Seven Days (2010)
    Sightseers (2012)
    Mother's Day (2010) (I personally can't stand the original)
    Mum & Dad (2008)
    Murder Party (2007)
    No One Lives (2012)
    P2 (2007)
    V/H/S 1 & 2 (2012 & 2013)
    Wolf Creek (2005)
    You're Next (2011)

  • @Oliver Thanks for the recommendations. I've seen many of the films you listed and I agree they belong on this list. It's just been awhile since I thought about this list. I'll add the ones I've seen.

  • I should say the ones I really liked anyway.

  • There's a few you listed like Dead Snow, V/H/S, Maniac, and High Tension that I liked but not enough to add to the list. Ichi the Killer is a film I wanted to see for a long time and when I finally did last year I was disappointed. Something about it just didn't work for me.

  • That's too bad. I loved the way the film plays on our conventions of what makes a hero and what makes a villain (with Ichi more of a pathetic character and Kakihara on a noble mission). I haven't seen the film in a while but I remember being really taken with the way the film explored these themes.

  • Yeah the storyline was just a bit too weird in an offputting way in my opinion. I didn't hate it or anything. I was more just disappointed since I wanted to see it for so long.

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